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About us

ISCO is privately held company specialized in the provision of turnkey solutions and integrated services for poultry projects. We design, implement and deliver all components of poultry projects from poultry houses to hatcheries, slaughterhouses, feed factories, protein factories, fertilizer plants, waste recycling systems and energy saving systems, as well as assisting clients or investors in choosing the appropriate systems and techniques as well as the supervision of the implementation with local and international expertise.

Design and construction

Our capabilities and expertise enable us to provide the best design and construction solutions for our clients, whether for meat, maternity or white barns, which provide the ideal environment for breeding birds, reducing energy consumption, raising the productivity of the square meter and increasing production cycles.

ventilation & heating control systems

We provide the appropriate environment for raising the bird through the control of temperature, humidity and air speed. This help increasing the rate of growth and reduce respiratory diseases and mortality. We can enhance productivity and raise your efficiency and provide a variety of options in cooperation with major companies specialized in the manufacture of systems.

feed systems

We Supply and installation of all types of feed systems for mothers, brooms and whites from all companies according to the requirements and needs of the customer with high quality

Cages Systems

We can assist you in the design, supply and installation of cages in existing barns to increase production capacity up to 250 capacity of existing barns or create new sheds with high standards and competitive costs with warranty, training and maintenance.

automatic nests

The selection of the appropriate types of auto nests is one of the most important things that breeders should pay attention to. It affects egg safety, maternal productivityand waste ratio. We provide the customer with the best species with high quality guarantee and in a short time.

Hatchery Systems

We provide the breeder plenty of time wasted and reduce the labor and reduce the rate of waste and cracking so that the eggs from the automatic nests in the barns to the sorting and classification in the farm

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